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Terms & Conditions

Credit card payment terms and conditions:


These terms and conditions are applied to the payment of installments due and delay penalties -if any- by the credit card and the beneficiary of the service is responsible for reading these terms and conditions carefully before making any payments.

Through this service, paying by local or foreign credit card according to the active and desired transaction is possible. The payer is fully responsible for the payment process.

In case of banning the account or a wrong transfer, the client is solely responsible for the result of this error and the resulting delay. Also, the client should resort to the responsible bank for this transaction and this is without any responsibility for the company in this regard.

The payer has full responsibility and commitment to all laws, regulations, and legislation related to the jurisdiction to which it is subject about the payment process and the terms, policies, regulations, and conditions of the bank from which it is transferred.

Knowing that the personal data of ARQA company's clients are confidential and only their own and cannot be transferred, and no one has the right to access it at all except under a judicial judgment stating this, and then the client is solely responsible for it. To preserve your data, please change the password after the first use of it to assure its confidentiality.

Payment through this service "Online Payment Gate" is made for installments or installments due and fines -if any- in addition to the added expenses of the banking service which is 1.45% for the bank that manages the payment gateway and 2.5% for payments for international transactions. The approval to pay through this gate is considered an agreement to pay these additional expenses without any responsibility for the company.

In case of a request to return the installments paid, the additional and deductible bank expenses will not be refunded, provided that the actual value due is recovered only according to the client’s payment schedule within 7 working days of the approval of the request. The refund is done by bank check in the name of the client who’s the owner of the unit paid for and the check will be delivered through the headquarters of ARQA's company.

By clicking on the confirmation and continue button "Payment icon" after selecting the unit for the payment process, it will be transferred to the payment gateway that is authorized by the bank's procedures to carry out this service.